Falls of Clyde peregrine falcons lay their eggs

Peregrines at New Lanark'by Chas Moonie
Peregrines at New Lanark'by Chas Moonie

THERE should soon be the patter of tiny claws at the Falls of Clyde Reserve as the pair of peregrine falcons roosting there have laid eggs again this year.

The peregrine falcon is the world’s fastest animal. Peregrines have specially evolved to breathe while flying at speeds approaching 200mph.

The 15-year-old male (known as a tiercel) has been coming back to the New Lanark site since 2000, while the 11-year-old female has been returning since 2004.

These are impressive ages for peregrines as less than a third of them reach breeding age. Those that do can expect to live five or six years.

During their time at the Falls of Clyde, the tiercel has sired 32 chicks which have fledged, while the female has raised 21 fledged chicks.

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