Every little helps Law pupils grow and learn

Outdoor plans... Law Primary will receive funding from Tesco through Poly Bag scheme  (Picture Sarah Peters)
Outdoor plans... Law Primary will receive funding from Tesco through Poly Bag scheme (Picture Sarah Peters)

Pupils and staff at Law Primary are calling on all parents and friends to help them get a top award of £12,000 from Tesco’s poly bag charge fund.

The school has already been picked as a project by Tesco, and so stands to collect a minimum of £8000, but voting opens next week for the public to decide who gets the top award.

Customers in Tesco in Carluke, Lesmahagow and Lanark will get to vote from February 27 to March 6, and Law youngsters hope the customers will back them.

Their shopping list is long, with loads of ideas!

The school and nursery want to develop the school grounds to incorporate an outdoor classroom for daily outdoor learning.

The Eco committee would like to buy raised planting beds, a poly tunnel and recycling equipment to create a school and nursery allotment.

The school has run a small gardening club with the support of volunteers in the past; however lack of resources has meant that only a few pupils have benefited.

The children would like to design an art, storytelling and den building area; and the pupil council would like to provide shelter for pupils’ bikes and scooters so more will cycle to school.

The nursery children and staff would like to develop their Forest School initiative further through the development of natural play and a mud kitchen.

The school and nursery playground is 95% tarmac with only a small area of uneven ground where plants and bushes grow. The children have described it as ‘dull, boring and absolutely no fun’.

Now the school and nursery are hoping to transform the grounds and use the outdoors more often - with the help of Tesco customers.

“Staff, children and parents are really excited about the possibilities that this project could bring to Law,” said Principal teacher Carol McAuley.

“We really hope the community will support out bid and vote for our project.”