‘Everest’ climb of Tinto to help war veterans

Charity worker...Combat Stress climber Simon Lister
Charity worker...Combat Stress climber Simon Lister

A LANARK veteran is to turn Tinto Hill into a symbol of the mountain many of his ex-comrades have to climb when they return from the front line with damaged minds.

Gazette readers might recall last year’s effort by Ex-Guards lance-sergeant Simon Lister who ‘yomped’ across Scotland in aid of the charity set up by the mum of Iraq War victim Gordon Gentle.

That march between Edinburgh and Glasgow - which raised £700 for the Combat Stress charity - fittingly took place on Armed Forces Day and that annual homage comes around again on this Sunday, June 28.

This year Simon, a veteran of Northern Ireland, the Gulf and Bosnia, has something much more ambitious planned for the charitable cause this year - seven ascents and descents of Tinto over the weekend by himself and around 40 pals, supporters and ex-comrades, a distance equivalent to climbing Mount Everest!

The ‘mini-invasion’ of the hill by Simon, fellow vets and friends will begin on Saturday at 10am and will end exactly 24 hours later at 10am on Sunday.

He explained: “Those who are fit enough will do up to seven ascents and descents of Tinto, equivalent to the 29,000 feet of Everest, sponsored for Combat Stress.

“Of course, not everyone taking part will be able to do all seven trips up and down the hill; I’ve committed to doing all seven myself - but I know I’ll be lucky to do five!”

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