Equality win gives council big hangover

South Lanarkshire Council HQ, Hamilton
South Lanarkshire Council HQ, Hamilton

WHILE over 200 Clydesdale women celebrate the prospect of a bumper backpay cheque from South Lanarkshire Council, councillors will be briefed at a special meeting tomorrow on the resulting cash crisis they now face.

The councillors are expected to be told that a long-awaited equal pay judgement could cripple council finances with almost a third of of its entire annual budget - £200m - going on compensating underpaid female employees.

As previously reported, around 2400 former and current council women workers, around a tenth of them understood to be from Clydesdale, have been involved in a six-year long legal battle with the local authority.

An important Employment Tribunal judgement last week could see some women get up to £10,000 each for 11 years’ worth of artificially underpaid wages.

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