Roads go from the rough to the smooth

21-11-2015 Columbie Junction, Smooth road and Mouse Valley Plant Hire.Picture Sarah Peters.
21-11-2015 Columbie Junction, Smooth road and Mouse Valley Plant Hire.Picture Sarah Peters.

Few local drivers were surprised seven years ago when the state of the roads around Clydesdale were officially named and shamed as the second worst in the whole of Scotland.

Now the era of multiple potholes is over and South Lanarkshire’s highways have been transformed into amongst the BEST maintained in the country!

So claims the council department responsible for maintaining Clydesdale’s estimated 700 miles of rural roads in its latest Progress Report to councillors.

Rejecting any claims that it is `marking its own report card’, council officials point to an independent outside assessment which places this area 12th in the road maintenance `league’ of Scotland’s 32 councils; this is a colossal improvement on its disasterous 2008 showing of 31st out of 32 roads authorities.

Indeed, a roads department official relating the report to councillors at a meeting imn Lanark last week said it was that damning 2008 ratung wuch had prompted the council to adopt its current `rolling’ roads repairs programme.

This was now showing results, she claimed, and this was being steadily noticed by the public. She cited a council public satisfaction survey form 2101 which showed only 18 per cent of residents were haopoy with the state of the local roads and pavements; the satisfaction rate had got close to 30 oer cent by the time of the latest survey last year.

Reporting in the latest figures, the official said that 78 different road improvement projects were taking place in the financial year 2015/16 in Clydesdale of which close in 60 per cent were now completed.

IOn all, £3.35m would be spent upgrading our local roads this financial year. the annual budget for the whole of South Lanarkshire being £12m.

The biggest Clyesdale road upgrade was the £420,000 spent on the A70 at Mainshill Brae, Douglas.