Pettinain to be a new Brigadoon?

Will the village lose a vital lifeline transport infrastructure?
Will the village lose a vital lifeline transport infrastructure?

As the Gazette went to press this week Pettinain Community Council were holding an emergency meeting to discuss a threat to the future of the Clyde Bridge connecting it to Carstairs Junction.

The hamlet faces the prospect of having its main road link to the outside world removed as South Lanarkshire Council doesn’t have the £3m, it would cost to rebuild the span that carries it over the river.

A statement was issued by the community council which said: “The road is a major route and is not only used by Pettinain and Carstairs Junction but is also used by many commuters from outlying towns and villages. Despite what the South Lanarkshire Council (SLC) claim, emergency services and education transport do use the bridge.

“People who work in Carstairs/Carstairs Junction Primary School, State Hospital, local shop owners and staff and childcare establishments have all just had their journeys quadrupled. Commuters to West Lothian, Edinburgh, people who use the train. The railway staff. Everyone is affected.”

One villager told the Gazette: “If the bridge closes, Pettinain won’t just be isolated, it’ll be like Brigadoon!”

The bridge closed on Friday for several weeks for what was expected to have been emergency repairs to be carried out.

However, after safety inspections, South Lanarkshire Council is having to face a need for its complete replacement and the £3m needed would use up its entire annual budget to maintain South Lanarkshire’s 800 bridges.