Flamingo sparrow spotted feeding in Kirkmuirhill

Pink Sparrow in Kirkmuirhill. Pic copyright of Gordon Laird
Pink Sparrow in Kirkmuirhill. Pic copyright of Gordon Laird

It’s certainly an unusual sighting as far as the ornithology world goes - a pink, yes that’s right, a pink sparrow.

The bird was spotted by Gordon Laird who was visiting his father at home in Kirkmuirhill.

It is thought that the favourite garden visitor has been eating fish farm pellets, which generally have shrimp added to them to help colour the flesh of farmed salmon.

Paul Stancliffe, of the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO), said the bird may have eaten pellets that were spilled on the ground somewhere.

He said: “We have been made aware of this by BTO Garden BirdWatchers before, and these birds do look quite arresting.

“It is thought that such birds have been feeding on spilt salmon feed pellets, or have access to salmon feed pellets, and that the shrimp content that helps turn the salmon flesh pink promotes the growth of these pink feathers.

“Basically these are the flamingos of the house sparrow world.”

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