Company switches to greener packaging

The company has ditched their pies' plastic packaging.
The company has ditched their pies' plastic packaging.

Simple Simon’s Perfect Pies have launched a new look for their brand. The Biggar pie makers based in The Scottish Borders have ditched the plastic wrap on their pies and started the spring season off with brand new recyclable cardboard boxes.

Fiona Anderson, Simple Simon’s owner is keen to lessen the company’s environmental impact, “We are conscious of the backlash against plastic and got rid of as much of it as possible, instead deciding to introduce recyclable cardboard boxes.”

Although the driver behind the new packaging choice was to reduce environmental waste, the new packaging complements the pie’s very distinctive shape allowing space for the bakery to share their ethos, “The provenance messages are very important to us, we only source locally and use the freshest, best quality ingredients at every turn and we want our customers to know this.”

To accompany the new packaging, the range has been consolidated to include 12 delicious pies with refined recipes, featuring 11 of their bestselling recipes and a seasonal offer as the 12th. Each pie in the range has a corresponding brand new Pie Slice, an on-the-go treat, bursting with flavour, perfect for those to grab in a hurry.