Claudia cleans up in villages’ litter campaign

Claudia joins villagers in their war against litter.
Claudia joins villagers in their war against litter.

South of Scotland Labour MSP Claudia Beamish really cleaned up last week.

However, it wasn’t by betting on the gee-gees but instead she was helping villagers in the Upperward tackle their litter problem.

The MSP was out and about in the villages of Abington and Crawford picking up litter alongside members of the local community.

The ever-environmentally on message Claudia even wore work leggings made out of ten recycled bottles to carry out her task.

The public are being urged to ‘pick up plastics’ as Scotland’s litter problem reaches a ten-year high.

It is an ever growing problem but Claudia said the fightback is well and truly underway.

She commented: “Litter picks are a great way of not only cleaning up a community but bringing neighbours, friends and family together.

“Labour will continue to champion our natural environment both in Parliament and in our communities.

“I was so glad to see members of local communities coming out to help tackle the scourge of plastics.

“I was delighted to see young children out helping in their school holidays; changing mind-sets is crucial in the battle for our environment, seeing young children out with parents clearing up local areas was heart-warming.

“I hope many other communities will do likewise. Equipment is available from keep Scotland Beautiful and local Councils.”

Derek Robertson, chief executive of Keep Scotland Beautiful commented:“Clean, green and sustainable environments are important to people and for communities and so we are pleased that so many people are taking steps to tackle litter.”