Learning to milk Bella in St Athanasius, Carluke - video

Pupils at St Athanasius Primary and Nursery in Carluke learned how to milk a cow in the school as part of a health project.

Headteacher Francis Farrell borrowed Bella, a life-sized interactive Friesian cow from East Kilbride-based Muller Wiseman Dairies, and she spent three days in the classroom.

Bella in the St Athanasius classroom

Bella in the St Athanasius classroom

She helped them find out where milk comes from – and also disrupted lessons at times with prolonged bouts of simulated flatulence!

“It was health week, and we wanted to encourage the children to drink milk,” said Mr Farrell.

“Bella shows them where milk comes from, and she is very interactive.”

Bella moos loudly to let the children know she needs milking, and they took it in turns to sit on the little milking stool and squeeze the liquid from her udders into the pail below her, prompting the cow to either complain about their hands being cold or praise their technique.

Mr Farrell then removed the pails of 'milk', explaining that it had to be pasteurised, and the children later received their milk neatly packaged.

“This has been fantastic for the children. They have loved every minute of it,” he added.