Lanark Grammar geography pupils make the headlines

Lanark Grammar geography pupils
Lanark Grammar geography pupils

Environmental charity, Keep Scotland Beautiful, has placed Lanark Grammar School as a finalists in the prestigious Young Reporters Scotland Awards in recognition of the pupils’ creative talents and investigative journalism skills.

The Young Reporters judging panel commended the Geography Club from the school for their report on climate change. Their entry investigated climate change and its impacts on the environment and people, alongside looking at what can be done to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The pupils from Lanark Grammar School attended the event, and on picking up their prize members of the geography club issued their own press statement, saying they had heard about the project from their teacher, then carried out their research in pairs before putting the report together.

“Young people should take part because it can help you decide what you want to do later in life,” they said. “It’s really fun so you should give it a go.

“The awards ceremony was really good and it was interesting seeing other people’s reports.”

Derek Robertson, Chief Executive of Keep Scotland Beautiful, commented: “Young Reporters Scotland provides young people from across Scotland the opportunity to become further engaged in the environmental issues that are closest to their hearts and minds.

“Keep Scotland Beautiful is proud to support this programme and help all entrants develop an understanding of the challenges facing Scotland’s environment.

“All of the submissions this year are fantastic examples of investigative journalism and it is clear that there is significant interest in helping to address and raise awareness of Scotland’s environmental challenges.”