Dovesdale Incinerator fight is far from over

Jim Hume and Dovesdale campaigners
Jim Hume and Dovesdale campaigners

THE battle may have been won but the war over the Dovesdale Incinerator is far from over.

Last month anti-incinerator campaigners celebrated the news that developer Scotgen had withdrawn its application for a PPC licence to run the facility, on Carlisle Road near Blackwood, from the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency.

However, supporters of the Dovesdale Action Group were told at the group’s most recent public meeting, held in Stonehouse, that the fight will continue as Scotgen still has permission to build on the site - which was controversially granted by South Lanarkshire Council last year.

Action Group chairman Gareth Jones said: “The meeting went very well and it gave local people the opportunity to find out a bit more on what happens next because as news of Scotgen’s application withdrawal came out a lot of people thought that it was the end of the fight but that is not the case.

“We are going to be having a meeting with representatives from SEPA to discuss the possible next steps in the process and what the procedure would be in terms of Scotgen re-applying for a licence.

“We need to know what could or would happen if Scotgen decide to come back in and exactly how the system works.

“People are now aware that the fight is definitely not over; there is concern that it could be the start of another development.

“Because Scotgen has planning permission it can submit plans to develop within a three year time frame.”

The Action Group’s concerns over a reapplication appear to be well-founded as a letter has been sent from the company to SEPA stating that Scotgen would be re-applying for the licence.

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