Douglas skull was not a Hallowe’en prank

Crime scene...but skull provied ancient
Crime scene...but skull provied ancient

POLICE have confirmed that an ancient human skull was found at a Douglas home on Hallowe’en.

Some had thought that the discovery at the house in Colonel’s Entry was the result of some hijinks on Friday, October 31.

However, Inspector Scott Jones told the Gazette that the skull was in fact genuine and may have been dug up by an animal.

Inspector Jones said: “Someone clearing up leaves found the skull and contacted the police.

“We treated the incident as a potential crime scene.

“Enquiries are ongoing but it is more than likely that the skull was disturbed by an animal.

“It was definitely not a Hallowe’en prank. There are a lot of old graves in that area so it is possible that it was dug up by an animal.”