Dot's idea brings home the bacon

One of our area's longest-established businesses, Ramsays of Carluke, might have been going for over 160 years but it doesn't stop it having new ideas.

Friday, 11th January 2019, 10:05 am
Updated Friday, 11th January 2019, 10:13 am
Ramsays Dot Findlay with the prize-winning Extravaganza she inspired

Providing a new twist to a best-selling product has helped secure the firm a shower of honours during the latest round of industry awards.

The company picked up no less than four Silver Awards and a Gold Award at the Scottish Craft Butchers Haggis and Pork Awards 2019.

The Gold Award went to Ramsay’s Pork Truffle Extravaganza - marking it out as among the best of its type in Scotland.

Silver plaudits were won for its Teatime Truffles, Pork Fillet Pastry, Haggis Bites and Haggis Wellingtons.

Delighted owner Andrew Ramsay, who runs the business with his brother John, said the awards were “a real pat on the back” for everyone involved.

“You need a bit of imagination to keep coming up with new ideas but our team is pretty much on it,” he said.

“Our core business is bacon curing for which we are famed far and wide but it’s great to be recognised and rewarded for new and innovative products that show off pork in oven-ready form.”

Andrew revealed that the company’s Gold-winning Extravaganza features an apple burger mix nest containing black pudding, stilton and pepper sauce.

“The idea followed from the success of shop assistant Dot Findlay’s suggestion of a full Scottish breakfast in one product that could be enjoyed at any time of the day,

“The result was the Teatime Truffle featuring the same apple burger nest as a holder for every ingredient of a Scottish breakfast, all wrapped in streaky bacon.”

Brothers Andrew and John are fifth generation butchers carrying on the Ramsay of Carluke name which began curing bacon in 1857 as an offshoot of the family farming business.