Don't even think of driving down Carluke High Street!

Carluke High Street.
Carluke High Street.

Police are warning drivers that they should not be in Carluke High Street in daytime hours.

Drivers caught there between 8am and 6pm face a fine of £50 - and that includes those with blue disabled badges.

Only those with special permits - generally shopkeepers - are allowed in the pedestrian precinct during the day for loading and unloading.

The warning comes from PC Ross Leggate, of the local police Problem Solving Team for Carluke.

"Members of the public, and even blue badge holders, are not allowed in it," he said.

"It is a bit of a shock to people," he added.

"It is an issue that has been raised with us, and has to be addressed.

"We have been giving out warnings, but we need to remind people that it is going to be enforced."

And, particularly in the run up to Christmas, he and fellow team member PC David Smith, don't want to see drivers being hit with the £50 fine.

The ban on traffic applies seven days a week, even on Sundays.

You have been warned!!