Dog killed in family garden

Mother watches in horror as pet is ripped apart

A YOUNG mother watched in horror as her dog was ripped apart by three other dogs in her back garden.

The owner of the other dogs tried to kick them away but her pet, a retired greyhound, was so badly injured that it had to be put down.

''The dogs attacked him and ripped him to bits,'' Shareen Pollock said this week. ''It was terrible.

''It was the most horrible thing ever.''

The attack happened at her home in Glencoe Road, Carluke, last Monday morning shortly after her young daughter had left for school; that is her only consolation, that her daughter was not there to see it as well.

Ms Pollock explained that she had left her door open and her dog, Willie, a retired greyhound and ''a big softie'' which had been the family pet for three years, slipped out and headed towards the nearby park, at Crawforddyke Primary. She went in to the house to pick up his lead, then heard raised voices and went back outside.

''I saw my dog running with these three after him,'' she said, describing the other dogs as two lurchers and some sort of cross pit bull terrier.

''They are hunting dogs,'' she said. ''They chased him round Glencoe Road but he ran round my back. These three dogs were right behind him. They attacked him and ripped him to bits. The owner was there and he was kicking the dogs, trying to get them off mine.''

The woman took her dog to the vet, but nothing could be done.

''His injuries were horrific,'' she said.

Ms Pollock contacted the police, who have confirmed that they have investigated and have given advice to the dogs' owner, and by Monday this week they were able to confirm that one of the dogs had been destroyed.

Ms Pollock had hoped that all three dogs involved in the attack would be put down.

''I am scared some wee kid gets it, or has to watch their dog being ripped to pieces in front of them,'' she said. She understood the decision had been made that only the dog regarded as the most dangerous, and the leader in the attack - the dog she described as a pit bull cross - had to be destroyed.

''I am not happy,'' she said. ''These dogs are dangerous. I think all three of them should have been put down.

''This was absolutely horrific.''

Another woman who witnessed the attack from a nearby window contacted the Gazette to say that she had been left traumatised by what she had seen.

She said: "I've never seen anything like it in my life, not even in nature programmes on the TV.

"I felt physically sick when I saw the attack and every time I close my eyes, that's what I see.

"I saw the dog running to the garden and then these other three dogs chased it, cornered it and just started ripping it to pieces.

"It's the worst thing I have ever seen."