Do 208 patches make this Clydesdale’s worst road?

Howacre Road, Lanark.  Picture Sarah Peters.
Howacre Road, Lanark. Picture Sarah Peters.

A Lanark street’s deteriorating roadway could hold a record by having no fewer than 208 patches in just its first 50 metres, claims one resident.

Because of that, those living in Lanark’s Howacre were relieved to learn that South Lanarkshire Council is to carry out repairs there.

However, their relief turned to disappointment when they further learned the upgrade was to be to their pavements only and not yet to their patchwork road.

Resident David Herriot contacted the Gazette after receiving a notice from the council, stating that works would be taking place to repair their pavements, starting this week, on Monday, May 8, and, confusingly, concluding on “May 2”.

That mix-up of dates apart, David says that the main concern was that, while the pavement repairs are welcome, it is the road surface of Howacre that most needs urgent attention.

He also stated that the drainage system of the road, if unaltered, would soon make any repairs a waste of money, effort and resources.

Said David, with tongue in cheek: “Now, we all know the local council performs miracles, don’t we? In this case, they have surpassed themselves by promising to finish the work a full six days before they start!”

He said that, whatever the actual intended finishing date, he fears there will be an overrun of the work, as there was recently in neighbouring Mousebank Road.

He went on: “Whether or not the 208 patches on patches on potholes in the first 50 metres of Howacre are going to be dealt with by resurfacing the carriageway is not mentioned.

“If said carriageway is to be resurfaced, no doubt, surface water will continue to pool in both gutters since, for as long as I can remember, said water doesn’t run uphill to the existing drains.”

However, the council will repair the roadway eventually, according to its roads department boss, Gordon Mackay.

He said: “The letter issued to residents contained an incorrect date, and we apologise for this administrative error.

“Works were scheduled to begin on May 8 and be complete by June 2.

“It is common practice to carry out footway works in advance of any carriageway resurfacing works, which are also in our programme for Howacre, along with Cartland View, Nemphalt Hill and Staikhill.

“Dates are yet to be finalised, but they will be this financial year.”