Disruption as storm batters Clydesdale

Train travel...was disrupted this morning
Train travel...was disrupted this morning

AS howling wind and rain battered Scotland, Clydesdale commuters struggled to get to work and their kids to school.

In the wake of the storm Scotrail cancelled all its trains due to safety concerns.

Earlier Network Rail Scotland tweeted: “For safety’s sake all lines on the rail network in Scotland are currently suspended while we check for overnight damage.”

However, as the morning has progressed several lines have been re-opened.

While some tried unsuccessfully to get to work others tried to get their kids to school.

South Lanarkshire Council had earlier tweeted that all schools were open with the exception of Walston Primary, near Biggar.

However, in the last few minutes the council confirmed that Kirkfieldbank Primary had been closed due to a power failure.

Households across Clydesdale are also counting the cost as roof tiles and fences were damaged.

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