Disabled Lanark mother is branded anti-social

Gill (36), Abigail (5), Grant (1.5) and David Bone in their Lanark home'9/7/12
Gill (36), Abigail (5), Grant (1.5) and David Bone in their Lanark home'9/7/12

TRAPPED in a wheelchair after having a leg amputated and suffering from a dangerous heart condition, Lanark mum of two Gillian Bone isn’t everyone’s image of an anti-social tenant.

However, that is exactly what the 36-year-old claims she has been branded by a group of her neighbours, leading to her and the rest of her family facing being moved out of their home in the town’s Forsyth Court.

This would be the climax of a six-year feud which has riven the community in the quiet residential street.

It is a dispute in which Gillian and husband David feel their landlord, the Clydesdale Housing Association, has unfairly sided with the neighbours they claim have conspired to get them out of their home, despite it being extensively and expensively adapted for Gillian’s special needs since complications following a motorbike accident left her permanently disabled.

“We don’t see why we are being told to move because all we’ve been trying to do is to lead as normal a life as possible and bring up our kids, despite all my health problems,” said Gillian this week, as her five-year-old daughter Abigail and 20-month-old son Grant played nearby.

“It’s them we’re really worried about, having to move from their home town where Abigail has been in the nursery and is about to start school.”

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