Disabled Carluke women’s heating hell

Helen Andrews (50)'Carluke'31/1/13
Helen Andrews (50)'Carluke'31/1/13

A DISABLED Carluke woman, who was left without heating for three weeks, claimed her life had been made a living hell by the ordeal.

Helen Andrews, of Union Street, who has arthritis in her spine and has suffered four mini-strokes, was left shivering in her home as Loretto Housing workers tried to fix the problem.

The 50-year-old, who has also recently had two operations and has plates fitted in her knees, has had problems with her heating for one year.

However, matters came to a head with the recent cold snap.

Helen said: “This is the 15th time in the past year that there has been a problem with my heating.

“I had an engineer out on Friday, January 25 and he said that he couldn’t fix it but would make an enquiry to his boss.

“At that point I actually started crying because I just can’t put up with this anymore.”

Loretto Housing maintenance officer Paul McColgan spoke to the Gazette about the problems experienced by Helen.

He said that a new boiler would be fitted and the company had given Helen heaters to make sure she was warm enough in her flat for now.