Detective work leads to fly-tipper’s door

Rubbish fly-tipped near Cartland Village.
Rubbish fly-tipped near Cartland Village.

A Clydesdale villager fed up of fly-tippers ruining his favourite scenic walk decided to turn detective to track down and confront one of them.

For many years, our area’s rural backroads have been plagued by the illegal dumping scourge, the route between Cartland and Kilncazdow, commanding some of the finest views in Lanarkshire, being just one of them.

Recenty, when a Cartland dog-walker discovered practically a whole discarded bathroom dumped on it, he decided that enough was enough.

Asking the Gazette to withold his name for fear of retaliation, he told us: “I walk my dog around some of the best countryside near Lanark. Most days I go to the forest road between Cartland and Kilncadzow, and in the past few weeks it has attracted fly-tippers. Last week I discovered a full bathroom suite, tiles, plasterboard and a double bed dumped there.”

He spent an hour doing his best to tidy the site up as much as he could. However, when he returned a few days later, a nasty surpise awaited.

“I was disappointed when I discovered that there was a whole load more rubbish tipped in the same place as before.

“The cardboard boxes in this new load were still dry so they could only have been there for about six hours or so as it had been raining the night before.

“Having had a look over the rubbish, which was again all bathroom tiles, paint tins, plasterboard etc,, I found an invoice made out to a name and address in Carluke.

“I was so angry about the mess, I decided to go to the address. When I arrived there a young woman answered the door. I asked if the name on the invoice stayed at the address there, and she told me that he was her partner but he was at work.

“I then asked if they had had a new bathroom fitted recently, to which she replied yes, it had been fitted over the last two weeks and was still waiting for the radiator to be fitted. The invoice I had was for a radiator.”

His case seemingly proved, he informed the now “sheepish” woman he would be taking the matter further and reported it to South Lanarkshire Council.

Its head of environmental services, Shirley Clelland, said: “The council takes fly-tipping of any type seriously and last year alone issued more than £18,000 in fines for illegal tipping.

“We would encourage people to use our special uplift service or household waste recycling centres if they have items that cannot be put in a bin for normal collection.

“We would like to thank your reader for reporting this incident.”