Despair at the mess of Carluke’s Mayfield Brickworks

Abandoned brickworks site'Mayfair Brickworks'Carluke'12/10/12
Abandoned brickworks site'Mayfair Brickworks'Carluke'12/10/12

ONE year almost to the day that Carluke’s famous old brickworks closed for the last time, the site has been ransacked and is now a genuine safety hazard.

So claimed Carluke man Don Lamb, of Wilton Road, who brought the potential dangers at Mayfield Brickworks to the attention of the Gazette this week.

Don fears that unless steps are taken soon, there could be a serious accident on the site.

He told the Gazette: “It is in an appalling state; there is going to be a fatality in there if the mess is not cleared up.

“The site has been totally ransacked. People are going in there and taking all of the scrap metal.

“It’s not just individuals – I’ve also seen vans of contractors going in too.

“My big fear is that teenagers who have also been seen on the site will be seriously injured; they are getting in through a hole in the fence.

“They could be breathing in all sorts as I believe there is asbestos sheeting there.”

Don (71) has already called the police and the council’s Environmental Health department.

He believes that the council and the company which owns the site – Achadonn Properties Ltd – should be taking more responsibility for its upkeep.

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