Dead sheep was bounced on to windscreen at Biggar

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A driver hit a sheep on a narrow road outside Biggar, killing it and bouncing its broken body onto the windscreen of another driver - and he kept going.

The driver of the other car said that as the body of the sheep flew towards her windscreen: “I just closed my eyes and screamed.”

Police are trying to trace the driver of the car, possibly a Volvo, which hit the sheep on the B7016 Carnwath to Biggar road last Wednesday evening.

The driver of the other car is left sick at the accident itself, at the mess of the body she had to drag off the road, and at the damage to her car.

The car of the driver who hit the sheep also suffered major damage, breaking a light and with parts of the driver’s wing left on the road at the scene.

“The sheep was on the other side of the roadway, and the car coming from Biggar and he hit the sheep,” said the Fiesta owner.

“He killed it. He eviscerated it.

“The sheep bounced off his car on to my car and did a lot of damage.”

And she added: “It it had been over a bit further it would have come through the windscreen. A strut probably stopped the sheep coming through the wndscreen.”

But the dead animal then hit along the side of her car, causing damage to her bonnet and the driver’s side, before it landed back in the road, where another car ran over it.

The occupants of that car stopped, and helped pull the remains of the dead sheep – parts of it were all over the road - on to the side, to prevent any further accident.

The Fiesta driver believes that the driver to hit the sheep actually returned to the scene, but left without stopping.

The accident, at around 5.20pm has been reported to the police, and they confirmed today (Monday) that they are still trying to trace the driver.