‘Dangerous’ parking at Carstairs Junction station

Emma with daughter Megan, recovering from accident
Emma with daughter Megan, recovering from accident

A schoolgirl suffered a small fracture to her skull and could be left with scarring on her back , after she stepped out from a line of parked cars in Carstairs Junction and was hit by another car.

Megan Darby was kept overnight in Wishaw General after the accident, which happened outside the station where parking has increased massively as new trains from Clydesdale to Edinburgh have been introduced.

Now her mother is calling for a restriction on cars parking right up to the top of the road until the promised Park and Ride facilities are opened. Even losing the top one or two parking spaces would help improve visibility for drivers entering the village.

“I’m wondering if people are aware of the danger just as you enter Carstairs Junction,” said Emma Darby.

“The amount of cars parked on both sides of the street is shocking and seriously dangerous.

“Even just moving the cars down would help, Some park right at the top, and traffic coming across that bridge turns the corner and straight away there is a parked car. No-one can see.“

She is the first to admit that Megan should not have stepped out, but with cars parked the length of the road there was nowhere safe for her to cross.

After the accident earlier this month Megan was taken by ambulance to Wishaw General.

“Megan was very confused and could not speak properly, and didn’t know where she was. She was kept in overnight for a possible bleed on the brain,” said Emma.

“And on her back from her shoulder blade right down to her waist there was no skin. She has been left with some scarring, but hopefully when she gets older that will fade.

“And she had a really big cut inside and outside her ear.

“It was very traumatic for evrybody, her especially,” said Emma. “I never want to experience anything like that again.”

Cars that day had been parked on both sides of the road, and in a direct plea to drivers coming in to Carstairs Junction at the bridge, she added: “Please slow down and be extra cautious.”

South Lanarkshire Council told the Gazette on Monday that work on the new Park and Ride area at the station was due to begin in September.

Gordon MacKay, head of roads and transportation services, said: “Incidents such as this involving school children are thankfully rare, and we wish the young girl a speedy recovery.

“Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT) has confirmed that funding for a new park and ride facility is in place for this financial year, with work programmed to begin in September.

“In addition there are plans to review the bus stop arrangements in the area, which will include looking again at on-street parking provision.”