Sheriff slams drug and drink-fuelled rampage

Lanark Sheriff Court
Lanark Sheriff Court

A MAN who was described as a “drink-fuelled, cocaine-addled maniac” was jailed for a year at Lanark Sheriff Court on Thursday.

Appearing from custody, Mark Banks (31) faced sentence for a ten offences committed in Law during June.

The court heard from Depute Fiscal John Penman that Banks had come to the home of his ex-partner Deborah Stewart at the village’s 2 Hazel Grove at 4.30am on June 4, banging the front door and demanding entry.

Despite repeatedly being told to go away, Ms Stewart eventually opened the door and Banks “barged in” and started shouting and swearing, alarming Ms Stewart and her two children.

He seized her I-phone from her and they struggled. She eventually got the phone back and called the police.

Banks had left by the time officers arrived but they found him nearby and arrested him.

He was released on bail the next day on condition he didn’t contact Ms Stewart but, on June 9, he turned up at her home again, acting aggressively and throwing an unidentified missile that struck her head.

Then, on June 16, in Law’s Station Road, police officers were on mobile patrol at 9.34am when they saw a car being driven by Banks approaching them at speed.

The fiscal said that Banks belatedly saw the police car in his path and braked, losing control, causing his car to go into a sideways skid.

The police car driver had to swerve to avoid a collision.

Banks then took off, again at speed, and was pursued by the officers; he eventually abandoned his vehicle and ran off into a field.

Police chased him on foot and, on catching him, Banks said: “I’m doing time anyway” before kicking Constable Alistair Grier.

Taken under arrest to Lanark Police Station, he failed to provide a breath specimen for testing for drink and/or drugs.

On Thursday his solicitor pointed out to Sheriff Nikola Stewart that Banks had been in custody since the last offence on June 16 and had forfeited his car, which was worth £500.

He went on to say that Banks was struggling with a drink and drugs problem and suffered depression.

He added that, despite everything, Banks still had “a good relationship” with Ms Stewart and produced a letter from her, supporting him, to the court.

However, the solicitor added: “He does not offer anything even approaching an excuse and he realises he is to be punished.”

Sheriff Stewart stated that the public had been put in danger “by a drink-fuelled and coacaine-addled maniac”.

She said that Banks’ offences were “bad, bad, bad” and a custodial sentence was inevitable.

She jailed Banks for a total of twelve months.