Motorists urged not to risk lives on level crossings

Don't risk it...police warn of level crossing dangers
Don't risk it...police warn of level crossing dangers

POLICE are advising Clydesdale motorists not to risk their lives on level crossings.

As part of a new campaign, entitled The Most Important Stop of the Day, the police and Network Rail have stepped up their campaign to warn of the dangers of crossing when you are not supposed to.

Community safety officer David Wesencraft said: “A flashing red light at a level crossing always means stop, a train is approaching.

“Level crossings aren’t there to delay you; they’re there to protect you from trains.

“Remember to look and listen for oncoming trains when there are no lights or barriers.”

Last month the Gazette reported on the shocking statistics, obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, which revealed the Cleghorn Crossing near Lanark had the second worst safety record in the country.