Man jailed for staging animal fights

Connor, pictured with two of his dogs.
Connor, pictured with two of his dogs.

The discovery of a fatally injured dog in the Clydesdale countryside sparked off an investigation which has led to the jailing of a man for staging savage animal fights.

The shocking `sporting’ events held in our seemingly tranquil rural area were exposed in court following the undercover probe by the SSPCA.

Now 20 year-old Conran Connor has been sentenced to 21 weeks in prison and has had a 15-year ban on owning any animal slapped on him for training his three dogs for animal fighting.

An SSPCA undercover special investigations inspector, who cannot be named, told the Gazette: “We became aware of Connor following an enquiry into an abandoned patterdale terrier, found in the area between Carnwath and Carluke, which had injuries consistent with badger-baiting and fighting.

“The dog had to be euthanised due to the extent of his injuries.”

The inspector continued: “Our investigation led to the home of Connor in Gateside Road, Wishaw and with a warrant, we discovered evidence to suggest he was engaging in animal fighting.

“We recovered proof that Connor held conversations about purchasing dogs for animal fighting.”

The inspector, speaking after the case at Hamilton Sheriff Court, went on: “Other items recovered from the house included numerous magazines and books relating specifically to fighting dogs with wild animals, hunting clothes, devices used to lure foxes, a torch identical to one found during the excavation of a badger sett and knives, many of which were subsequently found to have badger blood and DNA.”