Man (31) faced with 17 charges admits to 10

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AT LANARK Sheriff Court on Thursday 31-year-old Mark Banks faced a total of 17 charges, ranging from assaulting two policmen to threatening to throw himself off a roof.

He appeared in custody to admit to 10 of the charges. relating to three separate incidents in the village of Law last month.

He admitted that, on June 4, at the home of his ex-partner Deborah Stewart at 2 Hazel Grove, Law, he menaced her and her two children by repeatedly shouting, demanding entry, kicking a door, seizing a phone fro m her and struggling with her.

He admitted that, having been released from court the next day on condition he did not enter Hazel Grove or try to contact Ms Stewart did so on June 9 when, at her home, 
he acted aggressively, shouted, swore, threw a missle at her head, striking it and he again breached bail by travelling in a car with Ms Stewart that day.

He went on to admit that, on June 16 in Station Road, Mauldslie Avenue and Cedar Gardens, all Law, he drove without due care and attention and at excessive speed, lost control of his car, crossed to the opposite carriageway, forcing an oncoming vehicle to take avoiding action to prevent a collision; that, later that day in Ashfield Road, Law, he acted in an aggressive manner by shouting, swearing and uttering threats and assaulted Constables Alistair Grier and Kenneth Moffat by kicking them on the body and struggling with them; that, on June 16, he separately breached a bail condition not to re-enter the village of Law and finally, later at Lanark Police Station, he failed to provide a breath specimen.

Among the seven charges the Crown accepted his not guilty pleas to was an allegation of having, on June 4, climbed on the roof of a house in Law’s Brownlie Roadand threatened to throw himself off.

A solicitor acting for Banks, of 36 Crindledyke Crescent, Newmains, admitted his client had previous convictions.

Sheriff R. Macfarlane called for background reports on Banks and remanded him in custody to await sentence on August 6 .