Lanark robber is jailed for almost five years

Reas Today, where Wilson robbed staff at knifepoint in February.
Reas Today, where Wilson robbed staff at knifepoint in February.

A burglar caught after leaving a trail of blood from the scene of his crime to his home nearby has been jailed for almost five years.

Shaun Wilson, 27, broke into the Rea’s Today store in Westport, Lanark and stole £63 of cigarettes, but, he cut himself in the process, and fresh bloodstains were spotted by officers at the shop and around 20 yards from his front door.

Armed robber Shaun Wilson, 27, of Lanark.

Armed robber Shaun Wilson, 27, of Lanark.

He wasn’t caught until he robbed a petrol station days later and admitted his earlier crime, however.

At the High Court in Glasgow on Friday, Wilson, of Wellwood Avenue, Lanark, pleaded guilty to a string of offences.

He admitted assaulting and robbing Kirsty Kerr at Rea’s Today on February 19, breaking into and stealing from the same shop on May 26 and assaulting and robbing from Sara Henderson at the Esso service station in Ladyacre Road, Lanark, on May 29.

Wilson also admitted breaching bail on February 19.

Wilson robbed the Esso petrol station in Ladyacre Road, Lanark.

Wilson robbed the Esso petrol station in Ladyacre Road, Lanark.

Judge Lady Maggie Scott jailed Wilson for four years and nine months, telling him that penalty was “considerably worse due to your record”.

She said: “Robberies committed with lethal weapons are very serious offences.”

His latest jail term will start after a 12-month sentence he is serving at the moment ends.

The court heard that around 9pm on February 19, two workers at Rea’s Today were working when one noticed a hooded figure wearing black.

He had a knife in his right hand and ran behind the counter shouting ‘get the f***ing money’.

Miss Kerr told him she needed a key and made her way from the counter towards the back room and tried to push a panic alarm button.

She ran out onto the forecourt area while her colleague called the police, prompting Wilson to snatch £24 worth of cigarettes and run off.

Around 11.30pm on May 25, Wilson returned to the shop to find it locked.

Advocate depute Gordon Lamont said: “Around 12.21am on May 26, an alarm activation was received by the police control room.

“Police attended and found a broken window to the rear of the premises and what appeared to be fresh blood.

“They could see that access had been gained to the premises. There were several areas of fresh bloodstaining within the store including at the point of entry and the cigarette kiosk.” Cigarettes were stolen and CCTV footage provided by the owner showed a man wearing dark clothing, but his face was not visible.

Mr Lamont added: “Officers attended Wellwood Avenue. Whilst carrying out inquiries there, they observed fresh bloodstaining on the footpath approximately 20 yards from the front door of Wilson’s house.

“At this time, the police were not aware of his involvement in the incident.”

The value of the cigarettes stolen was £63, with £50 worth being recovered, and the bill for damage was £200.

Days later, Wilson went to the Esso garage with his hood up. He brandished a knife at Miss Henderson and said ‘f***ing gimme the money out the till’.

She was alarmed and handed over cash, but he demanded, and was given, more, securing a total haul of £150.

The police were contacted, and he was immediately recognised from CCTV footage, and a search warrant was issued, leading to his arrest.

Solicitor advocate Shahid Latif said his client, an unemployed former warehouse worker, had built up drug debts.

Wilson had written a letter to the court apologising and “expressing remorse and regret”, added Mr Latif.