Lanark Loch being hit by illegal tipping, meeting told

Sunset over Lanark Loch by Tracey Moffat.
Sunset over Lanark Loch by Tracey Moffat.

Concern is growing over Lanark’s most popular beauty spot being marred by the illegal dumping of tyres at the lochside.

Following a recent incident of some such tyres being set alight, there are also worries that one of the hundreds of children flocking to the area as the weather improves will suffer serious injury or worse.

The issue came up for discussion at the latest meeting of Lanark Community Council after it was told of a pile of dumped tyres near the lochside being set on fire, presumably by arsonists.

Luckily, no one was injured, but it provoked discussion among council members about a growing and unsightly scourge of illegal dumping, not only at the lochside but throughout the Clyesdale countryside.

Council chairman Frank Gunning said that, to his knowledge, this was the second instance of tyre-dumping at the loch, and South Lanarkshire councillor Catherine McClymont blamed unscrupulous individuals who are paid to take tyres away and dispose of them legally but instead dump them in countryside locations, such as at Braehead last year.

The recent fire was reported to Police Scotland, and constable James Higgins, Clydesdale’s community safety officer, stated: “The lighter nights traditionally see an increase in wilful fire-raising. In order to minimise this, should you come across dump sites, particularly where there are tyres, please report it to South Lanarkshire Council.

“If you come across an ongoing fire, please contact the fire service, who will decide if police involvement is required.

“Parents should make their children aware that wilful fire-raising, even of rubbish, is a crime and extremely dangerous as rubbish sites may contain hidden explosives such as pressurised containers.

“Do not attempt to extinguish a fire you come across.”