Lanark court saw assaults take place on video

Lanark Sheriff Court
Lanark Sheriff Court

They say a picture paints a thousand words, and that held true at Lanark Sheriff Court last Wednesday as video evidence left little to be added.

CCTV compiled from various cameras angled around a house in Braidwood showed Jemma Stark repeatedly assaulting her ex-husband, striking another man there and damaging a car belonging to her former mother-in-law.

The court watched the video from her arrival at the house, on January 1, as she sat weeping in the dock.

Stark, 31, of Glen Isla Place, Carluke, pled guilty to a total of six charges.

She admitted behaving in an aggressive or abusive manner, arriving uninvited at the house in Mid Loan Street, repeatedly shouting and swearing and uttering offensive remarks towards her former husband Gary Stark and others, including calling a woman in the house a “fat boot”.

Stark admitted assaulting her ex-husband, repeatedly punching him to the head and body and striking him on the head with her hand, causing him to fall to the ground, as well as assaulting Paul Bowerbank by striking him once on the head.

She admitted punching, kicking and repeatedly striking the parked car with a key, causing damage amounting to £1,541.

She also admitted driving while four times the legal alcohol limit and with no licence.

The court heard that the car she drove had since been impounded by the police.

Sentence on Stark, said to be of previous good character, was deferred for background reports.