Lanark cops had to jump out of the way of car driven at them

Car drove off up Lanark High Street
Car drove off up Lanark High Street

Police officers trying to stop a car in Lanark High Street had to jump clear as its driver accelerated and drove it towards them.

And at Lanark Sheriff Court last Wednesday, sheriff Derek O’Carroll expressed surprise that Mark Shaw was facing only a charge of dangerous driving.

Shaw, 26, of Woodside Street, Carstairs Junction, admitted driving dangerously on October 21, at excessive speed, failing to stop when required to by police officers, driving directly at the officers, forcing them to take evasive action to avoid being struck, and heading off through a red light.

Depute fiscal Ziad Hassan said the incident happened about 9.30pm on a Friday, and the street was busy at the time.

Police officers became aware of an extremely loud exhaust, and a car approaching from the bottom of the High Street seemed to be exceeding the speed limit.

“A constable walked to the centre of the roadway as the vehicle was approaching and raised his right hand,” said Mr Hassan.

“He was signalling for the vehicle to stop, and the vehicle initially slowed, but then sped up towards the police officer, who had to jump out of its path.”

“He actually had to jump out of the way, and if he had not, he would have been hit?,” the sheriff asked, and Mr Hassan confirmed that was the case.

“To avoid being hit by the car, which at that point was accelerating in the direction of the police officer, he had to jump out of the way,” the sheriff said, making notes. “This is just dangerous driving?”

Mr Hassan revealed that a second officer was also signalling behind the first one.

“The vehicle accelerated past the first officer and continued towards the second, who also had to jump out of the way,” he said.

“The vehicle then continued to accelerate up the High Street and at the traffic lights took the left filter lane towards Carstairs Junction, going through the red light.”

A lookout was posted, and officers spoke to Shaw at his home shortly afterwards.

Cautioned, he told them: “I never drove at you. I went round you. I just panicked.”

The sheriff called for reports and allowed Shaw bail in the meantime but warned him: “Make no mistake, the probability is high that you will go to jail.”