Jailed for alarming cashier in Biggar shop

Lanark Sheriff Court
Lanark Sheriff Court

A man was jailed for three months at Lanark Sheriff Court last Wednesday for shouting at a shop assistant in Biggar after she refused to sell him drink.

Michael Kay, 61, of Mill Road, Thankerton, had been due to stand trial but pled guilty to an amended charge.

He admitted behaving in a threatening or abusive manner in Brownlees Store in the town’s main street, on December 8, by shouting and swearing.

He was also subject to bail granted in April at the time.

Kay, appearing from custody, had previous convictions.

Depute fiscal Ziad Hassan said that at 12.30pm that day two women were working in the cashiers’ area of the store when Kay entered, and one went to attend to him.

“He asked if he could purchase a bottle of red wine behind the counter, but she observed that he was highly intoxicated, and she informed him that she would ne be selling him alcohol,” said Mr Hassan.

The woman had added that if he came back in a few hours’ time, she might sell him alcohol, depending how drunk he seemed then.

Kay left, and the woman came out from behind the cashiers’ till to stack some shelves near the shop entrance.

“He re-entered, and his demeanor changed dramatically,” said Mr Hassan.

Kay began pointing at the woman, shouting and asking: “Who gives you the right to tell me if I am sober or not?”.

“She was placed in a state of fear and alarm,” said Mr Hassan. “She told him to leave, which he did, but shortly after, she burst into tears.”

The police were contacted and after seeing CCTV footage they went to his home.

After being cautioned and charged, he said: “Sorry.”

His solicitor said that Kay had been instantly remorseful, adding: “He caused some distress within the shop, but it is not at the upper end of the scale.”

Jailing him, Sheriff Mhairi Mactaggart said that he had a significant record, adding that he had left the woman he shouted at distressed.