Family’s anger over killer’s early release

The family of a murder victim said they were shocked.
The family of a murder victim said they were shocked.

The family of a man murdered in Braehead 12 years ago have expressed anger at the early release of his killer.

The twin daughters of Mike Mosey, the former police officer battered to death at home in the village in 2006, attended a special debate at Holyrood on the subject of the rights of victims of crime.

His daughters took the opportunity to speak to the media about how they felt let down by the criminal justice system.

They claimed they had been told that their dad’s killer would never be granted early release only to find out that curtailing of his jail sentence has now been officially sanctioned.

The letter telling them of that early release came as even more of an emotional blow given that it arrived on the anniversary of their father’s violent death.

At Holyrood the sisters heard a debate on the issue arising out of the First Minister’s announcement of reforms “that will better protect victims in the criminal justice system.”

Opposition leader Ruth Davidson pushed Nicola Sturgeon for more details on these reforms, stating that families were “fed up with warm words.”

The First Minister insisted that meaningful changes would be made, including more transparancy on how the parole board reached its decisions and giving victims’ families more say in them.