Elderly Carluke woman defrauded by 'bogus workmen'

Always check identity of an unexpected caller at the door.
Always check identity of an unexpected caller at the door.

An elderly woman was defrauded of several hundred pounds at an address in Glencoe Road, Carluke.

Police believe the money was given to bogus workmen, and they are appealing for witnesses, or any information on a car - a silver Renault Clio, or a silver Vauxhall Vivaro - which may have been in the area at the time.

The incident happened last month, on February 21

PC James Higgins, Safer Communities, adds: “Bogus crime is extremely distressing for victims. Many feel helpless and embarrassed at being deceived, and victims often feel that they have let people down by being the victim of a con.

"But much of it is preventable. Bogus workers rely on the politeness of householders, who, by answering the door give criminals the upper hand. The easiest way to protect yourself is not to answer your door, or communicate in any way with strangers who attend at your property.

"Any utility company will make an appointment, and will understand if you refuse entry.

"Bogus workers are expert at overcoming homeowners, and will actively target those living alone. If a stranger attends at your property, and you don’t expect anyone, call Police Scotland 101.”