Crawford residents to the rescue after thieves leave man homeless

Police appeal for witnesses.
Police appeal for witnesses.

Villagers have rallied round in a stunning way after thieves stole a caravan leaving a Crawford man homeless this week.

The man has been living with his dog in a caravan in the common green area of Crawford, spending his days quietly and enjoying fishing.

He has been the victim of crime before, and all his fishing tackle was stolen, but that was replaced by concerned villagers.

However, on Tuesday evening, between 5pm and 6.40pm, thieves stole his caravan, taking all his possessions - right down to his dog's bowl - and leaving him homeless.

Within 24 hours it had been mentioned on a Crawford facebook page, and help just poured in.

By last night he had a new caravan, and clothes, towels, and a dog lead and collar, all contributed by anxious neighbours and people further afield.

A bonus ball draw also raised over £200 for him.

"I for one am so so pleased and proud of our community and our wee village jumping in to help like that," said local resident Emma Soanes.

"It is really wonderful to know that even if you don't see these villagers, neighbours, people in the community very often, it is great to know that a facebook page can bring everybody together and allow everyone to help in every way they can."

Police are looking for information on the theft. The stolen caravan was a two-berth vehicle with three windows to the front, but the make and model are unknown.

"Once stolen, it would have passed through either Carlisle Road from Station Road past Mountview Caravan Park or out onto the A702 near Bridgend Road," said a spokesman.

"The theft has caused great distress, and we appeal for any information on its current whereabouts."

Witnesses are urgently sought, and those with information are should call Police Scotland 101, or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 in confidence, quoting incident number SP-20170613-3724.