Court wants video proof that dog can let itself out of house

Lanark Sheriff Court - video could not be shown on court's equipment.
Lanark Sheriff Court - video could not be shown on court's equipment.

Mark Shaw had a novel excuse for breaching a court-imposed curfew – he had to go after his dog as it had let itself out of the house, he claimed.

And he would be happy to demonstrate that to the court, he said.

“I have seen videos confirming the dog is capable of doing this,” solicitor Simon Gilmour told Lanark Sheriff Court last Wednesday.

In April this year, Shaw, 26, formerly of Carstairs Junction but now living in East Kilbride, was given a restriction-of-liberty order with a night-time curfew over an incident in which he had driven at police officers in Lanark High Street.

He had completed the order but faced one allegation of breaching it, and the solicitor was offering a defence that he had a reasonable excuse for being out during the curfew.

The videos, he said, were on Shaw’s phone, but Shaw had had problems with it, so the solicitor asked for more time so the videos could be put in a format which would let them play on the court’s equipment.

“This is essential to demonstrate to the court that the dog is capable of acting in this manner,” he said.

“He was out of the house because the dog let itself out, and he had to chase after it.”

Sheriff Linda Nicolson felt the evidence should have been ready for the hearing, but allowed Shaw further time until Wednesday, September 27, to back up his claim.