Council employee is caught red-handed

The dvert which appeared on social media for the two lifevests.
The dvert which appeared on social media for the two lifevests.

A South Lanarkshire Council employee is under investigation for stealing from the Carluke tip and flogging it on the internet!

The Gazette was contacted by reader Johnathan Hirrell who had dropped off some black bags at the council-run site, one of which included some faulty - and therefore dangerous - lifejackets.

He was amazed to see the very same life vests appear for sale on a local internet selling page hosted by a popular social media site.

Jonathan told us: “I dropped off some belongings at the site in black bags and placed them in the appropriate container.

“To my disbelief I noticed my pair of life jackets being advertised on Facebook on Saturday June 2 for £50.

“The seller was even stupid enough to have taken the pic of them with the tip clearly visible.

“I find this completely appalling that this man opens bags and sells what he finds on a buy-and-sell page with the council building clearly advertised.”

Mr Hirrell complained to Kay McVeigh, head of personnel at the council who received his recorded delivery letter on TuesdayJune 1.

He said: “It’s now two weeks later and nothing has been done nor has any investigation been carried out.”

A spokesman for South Lanarkshire Council commented: “The council has instigated an investigation into these allegations and will take whatever action is appropriate once this has been completed.”

Mr Hirrell replied by saying: “If they’ve instigated an investigation why is it taking so long. It’s very clear they have an employee tip-raking and then selling material on the open market, even if it’s dangerous!”