Clydesdale police warn of group stealing quad bikes

Police warning
Police warning

Police are investigating a number of thefts of quad bikes in the Biggar  and West Calder/ West Lothian areas.

"The thefts are clearly the work of an organised group, and multiple farms are being targeted over a short period," said Clydesdale community police officer James Higgins.

"Officers are dedicated to targeting those responsible."

He suggested In the meantime that farmers could look at a number of safety moves:


They could fit LED Lights to illuminate yards, and these could be put on sensors to activate when people are present; .

Fit CCTV to cover areas vulnerable to theft;

Fit good quality padlocks, and weld covers over them which discourage the use of bolt cutter;.

Fit alarms in areas where quads are stored - alarms, he said, are now low in cost and easy to install, and can be wireless;

Cover doors to vulnerable barns with heavy plant;

Fit CESAR Datatag. Thieves are actively targeting Quads, which often have little security. (NFU provide discounts for vehicles with CESAR Datatag fitted);

and report all suspicious activity to police Scotland 101.

"By reporting, you will assist the Police to target areas based on intelligence," he said. "This is a vital tool for the police in detecting thieves."

Police Scotland offer security surveys for anyone who feels vulnerable, or would like ideas on improving security.

The surveys are for advice only, and are likely to offer tips for improving security, often at little or no cost. There is no follow up visit, unless requested, and it is understood that improvements will be made at farmer's or resident's convenience after the survey.

Contact PC James Higgins, 01555552406 to arrange an appointment at a convenient time.