Clydesdale police issue checklist to stop bogus workmen

Inspector Martin Speirs
Inspector Martin Speirs

Police have received a number of reports regarding possible bogus workmen in the Clydesdale area.

And Inspector Martin Speirs has praised the members of the public who phoned in.

“This is a fantastic contribution to community safety by those who called and work is ongoing regarding those reports,” he said.

“I thank those who contacted the police and I cannot emphasise enough the importance of reporting any kind of suspicious activity as it is ongoing, particularly bogus workmen.

”This type of crime is carried out by seasoned criminals who often target multiple victims, striking within a few hours before leaving an area for weeks, or months, at a time.

“The cost to victims is always significant and bogus criminals can drain a lifetime of savings and effort in minutes.

“We have a specialist department working on bogus crime and we need you to assist us.

“If you see a vehicle outside a property in your street, consider the following:

“Is it a Transit type vehicle for carrying out manual work?

“Is it un-marked, with no company name/identification?

“Does it look older/not in pristine order?

“Are you surprised work is being carried out at this address?

”Is the vehicle at the home of an elderly person or someone who may be vulnerable?

“Is the house secluded from other pro-perties i.e only overlooked by you?

“If the answer to any of these quest-ions is ‘‘yes’’ then call 101 without delay. You may be reporting a bogus workman.

“Finally, if you are canvassing in the Clydesdale area legitimately, then you should have no concerns. Please call 101 and leave your name, company name, and vehicle details with us. We can update the public if they call with concerns. If you are working and are approached by officers do not be alarmed. We are only interested in confirming your validity.

“If you have any information regarding crimes or have any information which can assist Police Scotland, please call 101, or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111, where calls can be treated in confidence.”