Carluke family’s car wrecked in firework attack

Michelle with children Anthony, Alana and Neve, left without transport after car attack.
Michelle with children Anthony, Alana and Neve, left without transport after car attack.

A young mother has been left stranded with no transport after a thug threw a firework into her car last week, causing extensive fire damage.

Michelle Scott, 32, is waiting to hear if the car has been left a write-off by the incident.

In the meantime she has no transport, and that is especially troublesome for her as her 11-week old baby has a series of hospital appointments.

Michelle, of Moorside Street, Carluke, was horrified at the attack on her car, carried out last Saturday night or Sunday morning.

“The back window had been smashed, and a firework put inside the car,” she said.

“The firework has exploded inside the car, and the whole inside is totally kaput.”

The car doors were closed at the time, but they have been blown out of alignment by the explosion.

“I don’t know how bad the electrics are,” added Michelle, who has a pile of photographs showing the charred interior of her Nissan Juke.

“The window and windscreen are needing replaced because of the explosion inside.”

Her daughter’s buggy was in the boot at the time, and it was so full of glass that it has had to be binned.

Michelle, currently on maternity leave from her job as a full-time support worker, has three young children, and her latest baby was born with health problems, necessitating numerous hospital visits.

She has numerous appointments lined up, both at Monklands Hospital in Airdrie and a clinic at Hamilton, but she has no transport now while insurance experts look over her car to assess whether it is worth repairing, and she will not get a courtesy car if her own vehicle is written off.

“This was a huge shock,” she said.

“It is a family car, and I need it for my kids, and I will need it when I go back to work.”

Appealing for witnesses, a police spokesman said: “This incident could have had resulted in serious injury or worse.

“Had the fire taken hold, caused by what is ultimately an explosive device, there would have been real risk to passers by or to fire and rescue personnel called out to deal with another preventable incident.

“Anyone with information is urged to call Police Scotland on 101, where information can be treated in confidence.

“Crimestoppers can also be contacted on 0800 555111.”