Burgh family lose £6400 in ‘Facebook Lottery’ scam

Beware of scam calls
Beware of scam calls

A Lanark family are embarrassed and distraught to find they have lost £6400 in an elaborate online scam between March 29 and April 5.

The family, who we have decided not to name, believed they had won the “Facebook Lottery”, and had to transfer funds in order to receive the jackpot.

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “There is NO Facebook Lottery. There are NO companies who will ask you for funds in order to receive ANY kind of cash windfall.

“Despite the apparent simplicity of this scam, people are falling for this type of fraud and others like it every single day, losing thousands, and in some cases, their entire life savings.

“If you are contacted by a company which promises a cash windfall you aren’t expecting it is a scam the moment they ask you for money up front. If you are contacted by anyone, even someone purporting to be your bank, if they tell you to move money from your account FOR ANY REASON, it is a scam. Go to your branch before you move any funds in every instance, even when they confirm your personal details and appear to be legitimate.”

If you are concerend or have been caught up in something like this, report it to the local police on 101.