Crawfordjohn mum hits out at council over delay in new school plans

A CRAWFORDJOHN mum has accused council bosses of dragging their heels over the building of the village’s new primary school.

Deborah Millar (31) is unhappy about the current situation which sees Crawfordjohn Primary pupils attending the primary school in nearby Abington.

Mum-of-four Deborah, who is a member of the school’s parent council, believes that the new school should have been built by now with the pupils being decanted to first Douglas and then Abington Primary Schools for the past four years.

Deborah said: “The school is the heart of the village; we don’t have any other facilities apart from the village hall.

“I live across the road from the old school site and it is an eyesore.

“The school should have been built by now.”

There have been a number of setbacks since the decision was made to close the old building. The old school was closed in June 2009 and demolished by the October.

However, an ancient burial site was discovered under the Victorian building and, after experts had given the green light for work to begin, there was also a consultation on whether to make the decant move to Abington a permanent merger.