Crawforddyke snaking makes a pretty penny for UNICEF

Snake...filling up with coins in Crawforddyke Primary (Pic Sarah Peters)
Snake...filling up with coins in Crawforddyke Primary (Pic Sarah Peters)

PUPILS at Crawforddyke Primary School took fundraising for UNICEF Day for Change literally.

For they used their spare change to help change the lives of children in poorer parts of the world.

The Carluke pupils each paid 50 pence to dress up in their choice of blue outfits for the day but they also dug out all their spare pocket money to 
cover a paper snake slithering its way round the school corridor with coins.

The snake, some 50 metres long, was originally going to be outside in the playground but was kept indoors because of the weather. And it soon filled up with coins.

“They also sold Valentine’s biscuits,” said team leader Alison Park. “The whole school wore blue and they had a colouring 

Pupils are supporting international children’s charity Unicef, which fights for children’s rights and 
provides emergency relief, as it works towards its Rights Respecting Schools Award

Children on the school committee, helped by acting depute head Gillian Orr, came up with the fundraising plans. Now they have been able to send £331.04p to Unicef.

“We have raised enought money to vaccinate 3000 children abroad,” said Alison.