Councillor Pat Lee’s quest for better Law bus service continues

Counting the cost...Councillor Pat Lee
Counting the cost...Councillor Pat Lee

LAW-based SNP Councillor Pat Lee’s wife has suffered as a result of Stuarts Coaches’ controversial decision to axe the village’s number 10 bus run to Wishaw.

The Clydesdale West politician said his wife Andrea quit her catering job at Wishaw General Hospital in April due to the “unreliable” replacement 243 run.

This service stops at Carluke, meaning users like her need to change there before getting another bus to Wishaw.

Pat said that the couple’s lost income of around £600 a month in wages had been making it tricky for them to make their mortgage repayments.

“Bus transport for the people of Law is terrible,” Pat said.

“My wife has had to give up her job after six years due to the poor service here.

“She took ill health last year and hated using the replacement service for going to her work.

“She used to get off the bus at the Law Road end and hated having to walk home in all weathers.

“After the number 10 bus service was axed last December, Andrea got the 243 run for a few months until finally deciding she couldn’t take any more.

“The replacement service was unreliable, far too time consuming and too expensive.”

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