Councillor Ed Archer unhappy with Lanark Boy Racers

Angry...Councillor Ed Archer
Angry...Councillor Ed Archer

RESIDENTS of a Lanark old folks’ home are kept awake into the early hours of the morning by the town’s thoughtless, noisy Boy Racers.

And even the town’s war dead allegedly weren’t shown any respect by them during the recent commemoration of the centenary of the start of World War One.

These and other angry allegations have been levelled at the Boy - and Girl - Racers of Lanark by the town’s independent councillor Ed Archer who called for a police crackdown on late night, high-speed driving through Lanark in cars especially adapted to have noisier exhausts.

However, his accusations have brought him under fire from others who claim he is being unfair on Lanark’s mostly law-abiding young drivers.

The councillor, who lives on what he calls the “Boy Racers’ Le Mans circuit of Lanark” on Hope Street, claimed on Monday: “I have had repeated complaints from residents of McClymont House old folks home of being kept awake at night by the noise of these racers going round and round the adjacent Gallowhill Road.”

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