Council defend decision to leave CoSLA

Set to leave...South Lanarkshire Council will leave CoSLA
Set to leave...South Lanarkshire Council will leave CoSLA

FEARS have been expressed that Clydesdale’s hundreds of council employees might suffer from a decision by the local authority to walk out of a national organisation.

That organisation is CoSLA which, for decades, has represented all Scotland’s councils in its dealings with national government.

As previously reported, South Lanarkshire Council is one of four Labour-run Scottish local authorities which is leaving CoSLA to set up their own ‘umbrella’ organisaton.

Next Tuesday, March 31, SLC will formally leave CoSLA and join the new body, the Scottish Local Government Partnership (SLGP).

The opposition SLC SNP Group claims the controlling Labour Group is “spitting the dummy out the pram” in leaving CoSLA, alleging that this would weaken rather than strengthen South Lanarkshire’s bargaining position with the Scottish Government in future talks over finance.

However, Council Leader Councillor Eddie McAvoy hit back, saying: “South Lanarkshire Council did try hard to fix CoSLA from within.

“We eventually left because that organisation led to a £3.5 million cut in our funding for services for local residents. South Lanarkshire will take a lead role in the functions of the new, leaner and more flexible Scottish Local Government Partnership.”

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