Cost of burials set for another huge hike

Carnwath Cemetery'7/2/09'Picture by Lindsay Addison
Carnwath Cemetery'7/2/09'Picture by Lindsay Addison

FOR the second year running, grieving families in Clydesdale are being hit with huge rises in council charges to bury their loved ones.

The costs of buying a lair and burying someone here is now more than DOUBLE the cost in 2010.

It is claimed that even the most basic funeral will now cost Clydesdale families upwards of £3600, more than £1500 of that in basic council charges alone.

The current £1524 charge for a lair and burial stood at just £684 two years ago.

The ten-times the rate of inflation hike has outraged local undertakers and clergy but South Lanarkshire Council has defended its decision by saying it is part of its “efficiency package” to face the financial climate.

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