Concern at parking in Lanark Bloomgate

Bloomgate in Lanark where parking is becoming an issue. Picture Sarah Peters.
Bloomgate in Lanark where parking is becoming an issue. Picture Sarah Peters.

Calls are being made for stronger measures to prevent potentially dangerous parking along one of Lanark’s busiest stretches of road.

For many years now, the junction of Bloomgate and Hope Street has been a notorious bottleneck, with cars, heavy lorries and buses vying for space where the main road through Lanark meets the main route off to Forth and the Lothians.

Now parking in Bloomgate is being blamed for making matters even worse, and police have confirmed that they have received complaints from members of the public fearful that the situation is becoming dangerous.

At the latest meeting of Lanark Community Council, police liaison officers were told of concerns voiced by council members and their constituents.

Parking in that part of Lanark was top of the current list of gripes, they heard.

Council members said that parking outside Greyfriars Church, possibly connected to recent upgrading work and increasing use of the kirk hall for social events, was causing enormous visibility problems for drivers trying to join the main road from Friars Lane.

There were also complaints about inconsiderate parking by some users of the adjoining Lanark YMCA and bad parking further up the street, even outside the Bank of Scotland branch right next to the already-congested Bloomgate-Hope Street junction. The police officers present at the meeting said that they had taken action in individual cases of inconsiderate parking, but so far, that had largely been on a softly-softly basis, with warnings being issued rather than charges being brought.

The stretch of Bloomgate involved had single and not double yellow lines, so the controversial parking, though often inconsiderate to other road-users, was not automatically illegal, they said.

Council members decided that a meeting with those responsible for the church, YMCA and bank should be held to discuss what, if anything, they could do to deter unnecessary parking outside their buildings.