Complaints over Carluke to Edinburgh service

Passengers boarding Edinburgh trains at Carluke Station are complaining that some services barely have standing room for them, never mind a seat!

Wednesday, 5th December 2018, 11:16 am
Updated Wednesday, 5th December 2018, 11:25 am
Complaints centre on the Saturday services

Complaints centre on the Saturday services which, claim travellers, have far too few coaches for the number of people wishing to travel to the capital for Christmas shopping.

One Gazette reader, Mr Robin Ralston, said: “There are a few ScotRail trains a day between Glasgow and Edinburgh via Motherwell, Wishaw, Carluke and Carstairs. These can be busy on a Saturday - especially the 1215 from Carluke - which ScotRail runs as a three carriages, despite this service having four carriages during the week when it is quieter.

“The problem of overcrowding in the weeks leading up to Christmas has been known for years but they still cut the train’s capacity on a Saturday - when it is most needed. The service is infrequent - the next is nearly two and a half hours later, so passengers don’t really have the option of waiting for it.”

A spokesman for ScotRail responded: “We know that one of the biggest concerns for our customers is busy trains - we do all that we can to meet demand, which can peak at different times.

“We run over 2,300 services every single weekday and every available train we have is out on the network to get our customers where they need to be.”

However, ScotRail had some good news for Lanark and Carluke shoppers heading in the opposite direction with extra carriages for peak time trains to Glasgow.